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Hohner Model 43/6-S Stitching Head

Universal 43/6-S

The Hohner Mini...
When there isn't much room...

Hohner Model M 55/L Loop Stitching Heads
M 55/L

The Eliminator-Loop... here is where the circle comes to a close... Loop stitching heads for Muller-Martini Saddlebinders.

Hohner Model 52/8-S Stitching Heads
Universal 52/8-S

The Fast All-Rounder....for all applications

Hohner Model M 45/6 Stitching Heads

M 45/6

The Eliminator ... Hohner's answer to the competition ... Stitching heads for Muller martini, Osako and Purlux Saddlebinders

Hohner Model ST 55/L Loop Stitching Heads
ST 55/L

The Eliminator-Loop ... here is where the circle comes to a close ... Loop Stitching heads for the Heidelberg ST400 and 450 Saddlebinders.

Hohner Model 70/20 Stitching Heads
Universal 70/20

The Indestructible ... for tough applications ...

Hohner Model ST 43 Stitching Heads

ST 43

The Challenger... we always have an alternative... The narrowest stitching head, especially developed for Heidelberg ST 400 and ST 450 saddle binders.
Hohner Model HSS 18 Stitching Heads
HSS 18

The Programmable One ... for High-Tech fanatics ...

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