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What Vickers Powerpack-Type Pump Style Do I Have?
Used in mostly in green, yellow, blue, and brown/tan 230 and 305 models; MB, MC, MCM, MCPB CDC, MPX, MPC, CRT
  • Most differences are in regards to how the hoses, pipes, and tubing are located and connected. Otherwise, the pump itself had very few changes over the years.
  • Use these guidelines below to identify which type you have, so we can supply parts that mount up exactly to your machine.
  • There are less parts drawings than there are variations of the pump types, so some parts for your models will look very different in the drawings, yet are the same part.
  • We do not attempt to supply parts for models older than green (Generally black)
We have narrowed the list down to about 4 styles, listed generally by age (Type 1 Oldest):
Type 1
Description: Semi-Automatic, MB Models; One Sequence Valve; If the clamp stays down after you cut, you have this type.
Models: Green and Yellow 1001 to Approx 6588
Type 2
Description: Finned Tanks
Models: Green and Yellow to Approx Ser#3972
Type 3
Description: Welded Non-Finned tanks; No Drain Tube on Right Side of Tank
Models: Yellow, Blue; Serial #'s 3972 to Approx 9300
Variation of Type 3: Down Sequence Valve on right (as faced from the front of machine), has the thin 1/4" diameter tube plumbed into the cap of the pump, as opposed to into the other valve body. Yellow models around Ser# 5300
Type 4
Description: Right-Side Drain Tube
Models: Blue,Brown; Approx Ser#9300-Up

Green Models(1960-1968) Approx. Ser#1100-2600
Yellow Models(1968-1980)Approx Ser#2600-8500
Blue(1980-1984)Approx Ser#8500-10200
Brown(1984-1990)Approx Ser#10200-13000