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Stitching Heads & Machinery
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Pring Industry Bindery Parts

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Frequently Purchased Products

Die Cutting Jacket for 10x15 Windmill

Stainless steel, snap-on type snaps at top and bottom,
.035" Thickness.

Brass Eyelets
Bates Short, Medium, Long Brass or Akiles

Backgauge Control Systems, Challenge
Back Gauge Brass Screw Nuts,
& More

An example of of the many parts that can be found
to extend the life of your machinery - use the Search
Window above to find rebuilt, salvaged, aftermarket parts.

G27528 - Back Gauge Brass Screw Nut - Challenge Part Number 47028


Array of Services

Striving to provide exceptional customer service.

Padding Compound & Fan Apart

And many other padding supplies including Challenge Paddy Wagon clamps.

Challenge Hydraulic Cylinders

Some cores not required for brand new cylinders, and some are for rebuilt cylinders. Inexpensive rebuild of your cylinder may be an option also with quick turnaround.

Jogging Blocks

Custom and various sizes available. Also offering magnetic clamp pads, book trimming guides, knife guards & much more.

G39872 - Jogging Block with Magnetic Strip - 5" x 16"/White/Each



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