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Assorted common consumables for Muller Martini stitchers.
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Black Transport Finger/Each Finger/Muller/Improved/Red/Each Bolt/For Pusher/Each
Black Transport Finger/Each
Our Price: USD$1.90
Bolt/For Pusher/Each
Our Price: USD$3.29
G24647 - Black Transport Finger/Each G24245 - Finger/Muller/Improved/Red G24653 - Bolt/For Pusher
G26366 - Sucker/Muller/Red/For Collating and Gathering Machines/Per Dozen G26367 - Sucker/Muller/Green/Regular Hardness/For Collating and Gathering Machines/Per Dozen G26379 - Sucker/Muller Black/A Little Harder than Muller Red G26366/For Collating and Gathering Machines/Per Dozen
G26373 - Sucker/Muller/Black/Very Hard/For Collating and Gathering Machines/Per Dozen G26403 - Sucker/Muller #020.1901/Orange Rubber Cap/Per Dozen Pusher/Muller/Without Bearing/Right/Each
These caps cover unused sucker tubes when feeding narrow signatures. This will increase the vacuum on the tubes you are using. Muller #020.1901.
G24618 - Pusher/Muller/Without Bearing/Right
Pusher/Muller/Without Bearing/Left/Each Pusher/Muller/With Bearing/Right/Each Pusher/Muller/With Bearing/Left/Each
G24624 - Pusher/Muller/Without Bearing/Left/Each G24588 - Pusher/Muller/With Bearing/Right G24594 - Pusher/Muller/With Bearing/Left/Each
G26385 - Sucker/Muller #020.1913/Red/For Collating and Gathering Machines/Per Dozen Bearing/One Way/Each
Bearing/One Way/Each
Our Price: USD$106.88
G22136 - Bearing/One Way/Each

Muller #H881.0330