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Chain for DBM-250 /Duplo Part #014-10273/Each Duplo Lever/DBM-500/Duplo Part #12J-35451/Each Duplo Link /Duplo Part #98H-13220/Each
Duplo Sucker/Duplo Collator Bellows/Beige/Same as Part #96F-10050 and 96F-10051/Per Dozen G22148 - Sucker/Kluge/Blue/Vinyl/For Longer Life/Per Dozen G22154 - Sucker/Kluge/Paper Sucker/Red/Per Dozen
G22313 - Sucker/Kluge/Card Sucker/Red/Per Dozen G22332 - Sucker/Horizon/Large Blue .875" Dia/Per Dozen G22339 - Sucker/Kluge/Metal/Paper Left/Each
The "bell" shaped sucker. For the cardboard metal sucker.
G22345 - Sucker/Kluge/Metal/Paper Right/Each G22350 - Sucker/Kluge/Metal/Dummy/Each G24281 - Sucker/Harris, Miehle, Mann, Macey Collator & Stitcher/For Regular PAPER STOCK/Per Dozen
For cardboard applications, see G40519.
G24579 - Sucker/Muller/Green/Hard/For Collating and Gathering Machines/Per Dozen G24612 - Sucker/Miehle CS427 Feeder/for Farrington Collator, Giant, Web, Chief, for Paper/Per Dozen G24671 - Sucker/Heidelberg Sucker/Kluge/New Style/7/8" Across/Per Dozen
G24677 - Sucker/Heidelberg Windmills/Flat Rubber Suction Discs/Per Dozen G24683 - Sucker/Heidelberg Stitchmaster (2144-240-01-00)/Per Dozen G24684 - Sucker/Heidelberg Stitchmaster/Per Dozen
G24685 - Sucker/Heidelberg Stitchmaster/Per Dozen G24691 - Sucker/Heidelberg Stitchmaster/Per Dozen G24703 - Sucker/Heidelberg Cylinders/Cup Shape Prevents Snap-Backs/1-1/8" Across/Per Dozen
G24740 - Sucker/Miehle Vertical/Cardboard/Per Dozen G24821 - Sucker/Universal Tips/Light Duty C&P, Giant, Web, Chief and Kluge/Per Dozen G25629 - Sucker/Kluge/Metal/Cardboard Right/Each
G25635 - Sucker/Kluge/Metal/Cardboard Left/Each G26353 - Sucker/Horizon/Bellows/Clear/Per Dozen G26359 - Sucker/Bourg Collator/White/Vinyl/Per Dozen
G26365 - Sucker/Harris Macey/Tan/Harris Macey Collators/Per Dozen G26366 - Sucker/Muller/20.1903/Red/For Collating and Gathering Machines/Per Dozen G26367 - Sucker/Muller/Green/Regular Hardness/For Collating and Gathering Machines/Per Dozen
Works on Omnibinders, Multibinders, and all Macey collators without "rotary" feeders.
G26373 - Sucker/Muller/Black/Very Hard/For Collating and Gathering Machines/Per Dozen G26379 - Sucker/Muller Black/A Little Harder than Muller Red G26366/For Collating and Gathering Machines/Per Dozen G26385 - Sucker/Muller #020.1913/Red/For Collating and Gathering Machines/Per Dozen
G26403 - Sucker/Muller #020.1901/Orange Rubber Cap/Per Dozen G26409 - Sucker/McCain/Black/Bellows/Per Dozen G26415 - Sucker/Horizon/Dark Gray/Per Dozen
These caps cover unused sucker tubes when feeding narrow signatures. This will increase the vacuum on the tubes you are using. Muller #020.1901.
G26665 - Kluge Carton Suckers/Red Rubber/Per Dozen G26666 - Kluge Carton Suckers/Gum Rubber/Per Dozen G31033 - Suction Cup/Harris/Blue/Per Dozen
G31034 - Suction Cup/Clear/Per Dozen G31387 - Suckers/Harris/Per Dozen G33783 - Sucker/5560-35-166-1/Ryobi/Blue Vinyl/Each
G33784 - Sucker/5640-35-531-1/Ryobi/Clear Vinyl/Per Dozen G34835 - Sucker/Heidelberg Flat Rubber Suction Discs/ 7/8" OD x 1/4" ID x 1/16" Thick/Each - Same price for other sizes & poly for several cents more (Please specify in notes when ordering) G35782 - Sucker/Flat Rubber Suction Discs/ 7/8 x 3/16 x 1/16 /Per Dozen
G35782 - Sucker/Flat Rubber Suction Discs/ 7/8 x 3/16 x 1/16 /Per Dozen
G40005 - HTB Feeder Sucker/Per Dozen G40006 - Flat Disc Rubber Suckers to 1-1/2"/Per Each (also available in poly .42 ea, please call) G40508 - AB Dick/Regular Suckers/Per Doz
G40519 - Sucker/Harris 90 ELB/Fits Most Presses: Mann, Macey Collator & Stitcher/FOR CARDBOARD STOCK/Per Dozen G51100 - Kluge Metal Cap/Holds standard rubber sucker for feeder or delivery/Each G51132 - Heidelberg Quickmaster A1.016.327 Sucker/Per Dozen
For Paper stock applications, please see Item #G24281. Holds standard rubber sucker. For feeder and delivery.

5/8 - 18 thread.