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Hohner Stitching
We offer all current Hohner models of stitching heads and machines. For brands such as Deluxe, Interlake, ISP, ACME, Bostitch and other brand names formerly used, see Deluxe Stitching category.

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    Economy 25/40 - The Knocker
    This single head wire stitching machine offers:
    • Standard & loop stitching of pads and brochures
    • Robust construction
    • Easily adjustable table: saddle for brochures to flat for pads
    • Maximum stitching speed: 203 staples per minute
    • Table size : 700 x 240 mm
    • Hohner patented cutting system for optimum wire feed, even for thicker products (Computer and Digital printing)
    • Optional, quickly exchangeable conversion to loop stitching

    Exact - The Flexible Mini
    Multi head wire stitching machine for mixed applications:
    • Equipped as standard with Universal 52/8S stitching heads.
    • Possible to fit up to four of these heads on the machine.
    • Standard and loop stitching or mixed applications
    • Stand-alone machine, completion of a system, &/or test unit
    • Maximum stitching thickness 8 mm for standard stitching
    • Easily convert stitch table, pad (flat) to brochures (saddle)
    • Wide range of staple options available to fit at a later stage.
    • One lever adjusts all heads at once for thickness & length
    • Backstop & 2 side lays adjust stapling w/accuracy & ease
    • Extremely easy for the operator to change formats
    • Suits small production runs, sample stitching or off-line
    • Maximum stitching per head: 206 staples per minute
    • Table size 550 x 280 mm.

    Exact Plus - The Semi-Automatic
    This stitching machine with hand-feeding stations allows:
    • Standard stitching and loop stitching or mixed applications.
    • The difference of this vs. conventional saddle binders is an ability to gather & stitch unusual formats & paper weights.
    • Subsequent extension of up to 6 stations.
    • Highest efficiency with up to 4000 cycles per hour.
    • Gentle brochure transportation protects product.
    • Can be equipped with up to 4 Universal 43/6 narrow heads.
    • Fast conversion to “staggered stitch” production.
    • Flexible for small runs, sample stitching & oversized formats
    • Brochure format (spine x head/tail):100x80mm-430x340 mm

    Orion 4 -
    The Flexible Big One

    • A solid construction - specially designed multiple head stitching machine for handling thick pads.
    • Able to install up to four HOHNER UNIVERSAL 70/20 stitching heads for stitching thicknesses of 0-20 mm
    • Equally suitable as a stand-alone machine or for completion of a whole system, as well as for special constructions
    • Fast, easy table adjust, pad stitch (flat) to brochures (saddle)
    • Possibility of unusual staple positioning with throat depth of approx. 230 mm from clincher box (e.g. calendar production)
    • Subsequent purchase of stitching heads at any time
    • Simultaneous central adjustment of stitching thickness and wire length of all heads with only one lever
    • A backstop and two side lays are fully adjustable for accurate and easy positioning of the staples.
    • Extremely easy for the operator to change formats.
    • Conversion option to loop stitching
    • Maximum stitching per head: 192 staples per minute
    • Table size from 1000 x 330 mm