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Stitching Head Rebuilds - We offer rebuilds of all types of stitching heads.

Godar Machinery Co. offers in-house rebuilding of your stitching heads:
  • Quick turnarounds - we try for out-the-same day or next business day depending on parts availability.
  • Many common wear parts for common models are in stock.
  • Ask if loaner a head may be available.

What we provide:
  • Heads are dismantled and worn or broken parts are identified.
  • Then we quote the cost of replacement parts and availability.
  • Upon your approval, we then re-assemble the head with replacement parts if needed and test to the maximum thickness.

Charges are as follows:
  • Labor: $145 per head
  • Parts: Charged as required.
  • Shipping: Return shipping as requested by customer.
  • Loaner: Call to arrange.
  • Note: If not possible to rebuild a head, or not cost-effective to a customer, the labor charge of $145 would be waived if you wish to purchase a new replacement head from us.

To have your stitching head rebuilt: