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Deluxe (&
Bostitch) and Interlake (ISP) Stitching Heads & Machine Manuals
Includes heads labeled as Interlake, ISP, Magnatek, M2000, Acme, Champion, EZ Head, etc.

  • Search for part numbers with the Search Window above. Please phone or fax in any part numbers that you do not find here to 925-687-6161 (Fax-925-687-5222).
  • To look up the stitching parts needed, click the links below for parts manuals in PDF files. Adobe Reader is needed to view these files. To get Reader, click this link:

Deluxe Stitcher (Also Bostitch) Machine Parts Manuals

Deluxe/Interlake (ISP) Heads Manuals

Magnatek Heads
M2000 Head
Muller Martini-Type Heads
Including Purlux, Osako, Consolidated, etc.

If you have any trouble downloading parts manuals or would like to inquire about a manual not found here, we may e-mail you the files at your request. Contact