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Microcut Backgauge Controllers
- Please call with machine brand & model for pricing 1-877-224-6327 or dial 1-877-22-Godar. There are four models available, so please call for details.
Microcut PLUS WS w
ith a full-color, multilingual 12" wide format touch screen and intuitive, easy-to- understand interface makes this model a perfect choice for any machine upgrade.
Microcut COLOR WS is designed to automate backgauge movement on any paper cutter, regardless of brand or size. The benefits include increased productivity, greater accuracy, and improved reliability.
Microcut JR. with an easy-to-read liquid crystal display, this model is designed to automate backgauge movement on any paper cutter, 37 inches (95 cm) or smaller.
Microtrack digital display unit is a cost-effective alternative to replacing damaged glass scales and older metal position indicator bands.

Godar Machinery is proud to offer the Microcut Backgauge Controllers from C&P Microsystems.

  • The Microcut system bypasses old, obsolete, and/or non-functioning backgauge control electronics, with reliable and modern electronics.
  • A cutter with a manual backgauge can be converted into an automated cutter with the exact performance of a brand new cutter.
  • It is widely accepted that most cutters will eventually get a Microcut system on them.
  • The original backgauge control system and drives of your cutter are disabled, and replaced with super-reliable, easy to understand controls.
The system consists of:
  • the computer,
  • its power supply,
  • the DC backgauge drive motor,
  • the encoder (the device that converts backgauge screw motion into measurements),
  • and all necessary sensors and mounting equipment.
  • The original knife controls need to be operational and safe.
  • The original mechanism for driving the backgauge must be of the screw variety. Chain driven backgauges will not work.
Godar Machinery Company offers installation, training, and service on all Microcut models.

Call us for more information at 925-687-6161 or Toll-free outside California and within USA at 1-877-22-Godar