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Now Offering the New “Basic” Baum 20/20 rebuild kit:

The New “basic” Baum 20/20 rebuild kit will include rolls, bearings, keys, and lubricator can. Our standard Full kit will still be available.

Now you can pick the best fit for your individual need. See below for more information about the kits and recommendations to help determine the correct one for you.

BAUM 20/20 Rebuild Kits

The basic kit

Baumfolder has recommended the rebuild kit for many years as the best way to insure that your folder is working at the highest possible level.

With the introduction of our Basic kit we are giving you an option to replace only the core items needed to keep your machine working at peak performance.

- Main and idler fold rolls.

- Bearings and thrust washers.

- Keys to re-use your gears.

- Grease canister.

The full kit

The full kit builds upon the basic kit with v-belts, deflectors for the plates, register tapes, gears, among others. This is an excellent option for machine that may have missed a few scheduled maintenances and is in need of a more thorough rebuild.

Which kit should I buy?

Why buy a basic rebuild kit instead a full kit? In some situations, replacing just the fold rolls and bearings will correct the problem. In some cases a more thorough rebuild is in order. Below are some things to look for to help you decide.

Basic kit

Fold Rolls - These are the heart of the folder. No rebuild is complete without replacing the rolls. Fold rolls provide grip and control to the sheet being folded.

Bearings - Replacing a roll without replacing the old bearings may cause inconsistent folding. Since these parts are relatively inexpensive, it is good practice to provide those new fold rolls with new bearing surfaces.

Grease canister - It’s always a good idea to replace this part at the time of a rebuild to verify that your machine stays lubricated.

Full kit (Includes parts above plus these below.)

Register Tapes - As register tapes get worn and frayed, they can cause the sheet to stumble going down the register, resulting in inconsistent folding.

Deflectors - Over a period of time, deflectors can get nicked or damaged resulting in sheet stumbling.

V-Belts - Since belts are a wear item and are inexpensive, it is best to replace them as part of the rebuild. Why spend hundreds of dollars rebuilding your folder and have a belt break a week later putting you down in the middle of that big job.

Roll Gears- The roll gears are normally difficult to get off the journal of the old rolls. There is a good chance of breaking or damaging the gears by taking them off and installing them on your new rolls. Over a long period of time, there is some wear, resulting in gear failure. It is a good practice to install new gears whenever replacing the fold rolls. It is best to do the job right the first time rather than piecemeal the rebuild. This will result in a superior job, and will be more cost efficient since the rebuild kit costs less than buying the individual parts.